Three words describe SHAPES COLLECTION ® : Art Deco Tradition. Our reproductions emanate directly from our extensive source of period pieces. The furniture is handmade, using only tradional techniques combined with selected materials and the established expertise of our knowledgeable staff. It is composed of three different crafts: upholstery, architectural woodwork and wrought iron. All of our furniture can be specifically tailored to suit the designer and the client.

To ensure that the clients expectations are met, working sample will be provided for your approval. Leather swatches will be custom dyed and distressed according to your specifications. Fabrics are chosen according to their grade. Wrought iron samples will demonstrate the hammering texture and patina. Wood veneer samples can be obtained according to availability. We offer a variety of wood finishes from french polish to catalyzed varnishes and we will be happy to guide your selection to compliment the look and use of the piece of furniture, keeping in mind the interior involved.

Our aim is to preserve the spirit of the Art Deco era and that is why we engineer specific pieces, using the high standards expected by the professional panel of the interior design industry.

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Prices on this website are not always accurate due to fluctuation and availability of materials. Please consult with our office for confirmed pricing. Thank you.